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Explanation of ice maker manufacturers: precautions for maintenance and cleaning of ice maker


Friends who have used the ice machine know that the machine needs a series of maintenance work after long-term operation. In the explanation of the ice machine manufacturer, it can be found that there are many problems to pay attention to when cleaning it. , So as to reduce the damage to the cbfi ice machine. Below, the cbfi ice machine manufacturer explains the precautions for maintenance and cleaning of the cbfi ice machine.

1. Pay attention to the cleaning order.

Ice machine manufacturers would like to remind you that when you clean the ice machine, you don’t see where it is dirty. Clean it wherever you are, because many stains or dirt are often hidden in some invisible places. If these places are not cleaned up, it will cause damage to the ice machine or the ice cubes made is not clean, so be sure to follow the instructions. The cleaning sequence can ensure that the inside and outside of the ice maker are cleaned.

2, note that cleaning and disinfection should be carried out separately

Many friends have a misunderstanding about the cleaning of the ice machine. : Cleaning and disinfection are the same. However, this kind of idea is likely to cause bacteria to grow in the ice machine. Therefore, according to the introduction of the ice machine manufacturer, it is necessary to pay attention to separate cleaning and disinfection. The first thing to do is to clean the dirt of the ice machine, and then use it. The disinfectant disinfects the ice machine that has been dried. This procedure can ensure the cleanliness of the ice cubes.

3, pay attention to the cleaning staff to wear protective tools

The above two points of attention introduced by the ice maker manufacturer It is mainly for machine cleaning. In addition, cleaning personnel also need to pay attention to wearing protective tools for cleaning and disinfection, because the cleaning agent and disinfectant of the ice machine have a certain degree of cleaning power. The skin and eyes of personnel may cause certain injuries, so cleaning personnel should pay attention to their own protection problems.

From the introduction of the ice machine manufacturer, you must follow the cleaning method of the ice machine, because these steps and principles are to make the ice machine work better Method, many reliable ice machine manufacturers will provide users with corresponding cleaning methods, and some ice machine manufacturers and suppliers can also directly perform cleaning and maintenance services.

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