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Experimental lyophilizer selection

Choosing experimental freeze-dried version number, we usually want to consider to pay attention to the following parameters:
1. Experimental lyophilizer freeze-dried area
user according to the needs of their experiment, determine the need to many large areas of the lyophilizer. Experimental lyophilizer is 0. 12 square, 0. 18 square, 0. 27 square, 0. 3 square to choose from; At the same time also can customize according to customer's need to private.
2. Experimental temperature of cold trap of the lyophilizer
cold trap is the process of freeze-drying capture water device, experimental - the lyophilizer 50 ℃ and - Selection of two temperature 80 ℃.
3. Limiting vacuum of experimental lyophilizer
ultimate vacuum is embodied in the lyophilizer vacuum pump and the extraction efficiency of leakage. Limiting vacuum of experimental lyophilizer usually control in more than 15 pa.
4. Experimental cooling rate
the cooling rate of the lyophilizer represents the refrigeration capacity of refrigeration system, under the condition of light, the temperature of cold trap should be meet the specified minimum temperature in 1 hour. For example, the temperature of cold trap & le; - - - - - - 50 ℃ experimental freeze-drying machine, open the refrigeration machine start timing, cold trap - temperature is reached Time should be not more than 1 hour 50 ℃.

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