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[Experience Summary] Analysis of the Causes of the Heat of the Two Hairs When the Ice Maker Is Cooling


 1. The refrigerator refrigeration system is composed of four major parts: compactor, condenser, capillary tube and evaporator. A temperature controller is selected for temperature control requirements.  2. The gaseous refrigerant is compressed into a high temperature and high pressure gas by a compressor during operation, and then enters the condenser. The condenser is equivalent to a heat exchange device that heats the high temperature and high pressure gaseous refrigerant into a low temperature and high pressure liquid refrigerant.  3. The liquid refrigerant passes through the capillary tube. The capillary tube is actually a saving device. After the capillary tube comes out, the pressure of the refrigerant drops and the temperature continues to drop, becoming a gas-liquid mixture.  4. The gas-liquid mixture enters the evaporator again, where it undergoes heat exchange and gasification, absorbs the heat inside the box, and achieves the purpose of refrigeration.  5. The gaseous refrigerant in the evaporator is pumped by the compressor and flows back to the compressor to continue circulating in the refrigeration system. The principle is shown in the figure below:    compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system. It sucks in low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, and after the motor is driven to drive the piston to compress it, it discharges the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas to the exhaust pipe. The refrigeration cycle provides power, and then completes the refrigeration cycle of contraction→condensation→expansion→evaporation (heat absorption).

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