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Expensive refrigerant

The development of the industry, through the ages, is a technology revolution, so, science and technology is always the first productive force.

as main cold water machine the refrigeration equipment company, the most care about is cold water machine in the future, the development direction of cold water machine. Longitudinal, cold water machine is the development of hardware, cold water machine equipment and the cooling concept changes. From the previous simple cycle, to the refrigeration compressor, the copper pipe cooling, are all improved heat conduction, and reduce the loss of cooling capacity at the same time. Lateral view, nature is the replacement of refrigerants, from the previous freon, to R22, R27, etc.

the emergence of liquid nitrogen refrigeration temperature changed the limitation, as a kind of relatively stable, and can accept the price in the refrigerant, ability of using the industrial ice machine in a few experiments, has been the biggest recognition. Many ways around the liquid nitrogen refrigeration has started production, molding, if to lower the cost of liquid nitrogen, from the storage, transportation, use can have a qualitative change, will be the mechanism of cold, cold water and all the refrigeration equipment development.

liquid ammonia is a kind of excellent performance, thermal performance and flow as refrigerating agent has been used for over 100 years, is one of the earliest used in artificial natural industrial ice machine refrigeration. The critical pressure ammonia is 11. 52 mpa, critical temperature for 132. 4 ℃, such as take allowance with boiling point temperature 10 ℃, 155 ℃ or so available working range, about 20% higher than that of R22 operating range, especially for applications with 100 ℃ high temperature heat pump. Liquid ammonia boiling point to - 33. 4 ℃, belongs to the Chinese refrigerants, in normal temperature and normal pressure is moderate, low temperature range has the suitable temperature range is wide, compared with large latent heat, low viscosity, small flow resistance, good heat transfer performance and higher thermal efficiency. And the low price of liquid ammonia, almost insoluble and oil, and water dissolved not form ice wall, and can be used in the ammonia absorption refrigeration equipment system. But as a result of ammonia has a pungent odor, has a certain toxicity to human body, mixed with air and then a certain concentration range might occur in case of fire explosion risk, once make it popular in the cold. However, as a product of ammonia ODP and GWP value to zero, and participate in the natural ecosystem circulation, encourage people to reconsider the use of it.

using liquid nitrogen refrigeration equipment, has not only confined to the cold water machine, in the square the lyophilizer, ultra-low temperature freezer, thermostat, cryogenic equipment, can be customized using liquid nitrogen to extreme temperatures, and guarantee the cooling speed. Refrigeration, frozen force!
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