Evaluating the Scotsman Ice Machine

by:CBFI     2021-03-27

Ice machines made for commercial usage tend to fall into three basic categories - ice makers, ice flakers and ice crushers. In each of these cases the finished product has its own specific uses in the catering industry, whether that is for cooling drinks or for 'packaging' fresh fish on an open display counter.

Whatever kind of food or drinks business you are managing space is forever at a premium, and whether a machine will be able to slot into somewhere inconspicuously and perform its work without becoming an obstacle is one of the more important considerations that as the purchaser you will need to reflect upon before committing to a particular model.

Another major consideration is of naturally speed. If you manage a busy operation in which ice is constantly being used you will need to ensure that supply is able to keep pace with demand. When purchasing an ice block machine you might first consider it prudent to establish just what a machine is capable of producing within a given frame, including at the busiest and most demanding times. Conversely if the operation you run is sufficiently small as not to justify constant, heavy production you may prefer to opt for a slower and more economical model. Overproduction, after all, wastes valuable energy whilst working up costs that you need not incur.

Leading the field in innovation and technology

The largest ice block machine manufacturer in the world today is Scotsman, which despite its name is an American company based in Illinois. Scotsman prides itself on its innovation, incorporating the most modern technology in the design and manufacture of its ice machines, as well as in the broad range of options that it provides. It is mindful of the importance that is placed in this day and age on energy efficiency and the company has won awards for the excellence of its product design in meeting this objective.

To give one example of its versatility in providing different solutions for different levels of operation, Scotsman's ice cubers range from the freestanding, portable ACM25 which produces 10kg of ice within a one day period, to the heavy duty EC226 which can provide 145kg of cubes within the same time frame.

Similar variations are available in the company's extensive range of ice flaking machines, with the choice of different sizes being complimented by options in form, in essence between modular, undercounter and remote low side options. The clear objective of Scotsman ice machines is to provide something to meet every requirement and to suit every taste.

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