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Essential knowledge of self-repair of snowflake ice machine problems, even if you encounter big problems, you can fix it


One noise

   There are three reasons for the noise of Zhixin Snow :

   1. It may be that the location of Zhixin Snow is uneven. The solution is to turn the adjusting screw at the bottom of the ice maker to adjust the height. When the adjusting screw touches the ground and the four feet touch the ground, it is the best state.

  2, there are items on the top of the Zhixin Snow . The ice machine and the objects placed on top of it will resonate when the motor is started, causing noise. Remove the items on the top of the Zhixin Snow , so that it will not resonate and the noise will naturally be eliminated.

   3. A small object fell into the machine part behind the Zhixin Snow . Solution: After cutting off the power of the ice maker, take out the small objects that fell into the machine and the noise will disappear.

  二. Frosting and condensation

   There are two possibilities for frosting and condensation of the Snowflake Ice Machine ,

  1. When the air humidity is high, misty condensation will appear on the outer surface of the ice machine, just wipe it dry;

  2. It is the back of the refrigerator compartment Frost or ice droplets, because the temperature of the back of the refrigerating chamber is lower than 0°C when working in the refrigerating room, frosting or ice droplets will occur. They will automatically melt when the Snowflake cbfi ice machine stops, which is a normal phenomenon.

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