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Energy-saving centrifugal chiller adjustment measures

Is a large centrifugal chiller water chillers, its for centrifugal compressor, so for the regulation of the industrial ice machine mainly change guide vane compressor speed and Angle. And will assist to adjust the condenser cooling water and the water temperature of cooling water. So the stability of the centrifugal compressor working range between the surge point and the stagnation point, adjust flow must not exceed the scope.

  1) Speed reduce can lead to drastic cuts in refrigerating capacity, when the speed changes within the scope of 100% ~ 80%, refrigerating capacity is 100% ~ 50%. Energy-saving is best to change speed method.

  2) Absolute speed of impeller import inlet guide vane (c1 prewhirl, from euler's formula guide vane makes energy head change not only, also make the flow change to achieve the purpose of regulating the capacity. Through the adjustment of the guide vane can make compressor to run arbitrary point under maximum pressure head. When load reduced, guide vane began to close, stable unit lightening to the required load. Adopt the imported guide vane adjustment can make the surge point occurs at very small refrigerating capacity. The author thinks that at the exit of the installation Angle can also make adjustment at the same time.

  3) The offering of condenser cooling water temperature and cooling water will make the change of the internal pressure, condenser in the operation condition of the compressor need to change. But this adjustment is not completely for the purpose of energy saving, need to match the compressor speed setting are used together.

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