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Enclosed refrigeration system setting

Role in pipelines will not result in a flash gas generation, therefore, available load cooling with cold unit to the distant, dispersed
and cooling.
2) is used for cooling load of refrigerant evaporator close to the refrigeration system of other equipments, the short suction, exhaust pipe, small resistance, increased from
and the coefficient of gas compressor.
3. Cold agent has large storage capacity, a perfect time to stop, when the compressor with ling unit temperature fluctuations is relatively small.
As long as stopped to cooler cooling, their cooling end at the same time, also for the temperature cross move have strict requirements of
with cold unit is very suitable.
4. Most of the cold load jing is a non-toxic material, used in the food cold storage cooling and cooling in the process of food production has its optimal
potential, because once leakage of refrigerant load does not cause harm to personal and pollution of food.
(5) there is refrigerant and cooling agent, load between the industrial ice machine and cooling medium temperature difference. Make the evaporation temperature and the temperature difference between the medium to be cooled
, when meet the requirement with the temperature of the cooling unit fare badly need refrigeration unit in lower evaporation temperature
, resulting in a decrease of refrigerating capacity, power consumption increase.
6. Due to the increased load ling agent system, the need to add some equipment, pipeline and cooling, the cooling device of
have hit the increase for the first time, at the same time also increased the utility equipment running cost.
7) some cold load agent has strong corrosive to metal, while adding some preservatives, can not completely eliminate, this
will make carry greatly shorten the life of the cooling system.
the indirect cooling system according to wear cooling load in the cooling system is in contact with the atmosphere can be divided into the closed system and open system
two kinds.

enclosed system load cooling on credit expansion tank vent line, other are cut off from the atmosphere circulation system referred to as a closed system, closed indirect cooling system is surrounded
closed system of the evaporator are general fruit with horizontal shell and tube type, because this kind of evaporator is small in size and good heat transfer performance
in addition, a closed in the system due to less contact with the air so load ling agent on the gas and the system is less subject to erosion. But such as
fruit incorrect operation is very easy to cause the system inside the freezing cold agent, so that the pipe burst. Also due to the cooling load capacity
quantity is small so the runtime thermal stability is poor, and 71 c temperature changes greatly.
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