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Eliminate the strange smell in the snowflake ice machine to be 'scientific and methodical'

The ice shape produced by the snowflake ice maker is relatively small, generally showing fine particles, with a water content of about 15%-25%, and the temperature of the entire ice cube is below zero. It is generally used in laboratories and life sciences. , Medical technology, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industries. Snowflake cbfi ice machine model for laboratory: IMS-201. Ice production: 20kg/24h2. Ice storage capacity: 10kg3. Dimensions: 300×493×547 mm4. Net weight: 32kg 5. Gross weight: 36kg Snowflake cbfi ice machine How to remove the odor: 1: If the ice machine does not have an automatic defrost function, you can remove it by yourself, because the more ice accumulates, the odor can be absorbed or transferred. 2: Dispose of the ice cubes in the Snowflake in time. Use 4 scoops of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in 1 quart of water to clean the refrigerator. Perform a thorough cleaning and rubbing to remove the smell, then rinse with water and dry it. Can. 3: Deal with the freezer compartment or the burnt-out freezer compartment, and repackage the leftovers in the snowflake ice basket. Product advantages: 1: The equipment adopts a row cavity partition structure, which has a relatively high ice making efficiency and a relatively large amount of ice. 2: The entire equipment operates with low noise and stability, and it can automatically shut down when the ice is full or lack of water.
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