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Electroplating production line water chiller solution

Electroplating production line solution belongs to the surface treatment industry cold water machine cooling system solution ( Micro-arc oxidation/electrophoresis/electroplating production line to use) , it includes pretreatment, plating, coating, chemical oxidation, thermal spraying, and many other physical and chemical methods, process method, using acid, alkali or alkaline solution and oxide on the surface of the workpiece and the oil produces chemical reaction, make its dissolved in acid or alkaline solution, to remove surface rust scale and oil pollution. During the process temperature on the surface quality of electroplating, plating, etc have important influence on efficiency, because high temperature can cause the overheating when solution evaporation plating solution and energy waste. And processing can cause damage to the product itself, the industrial ice machine electroplating production line plan is designed to solve this problem.

electroplating production line, cold water machine is widely used in: micro-arc oxidation production line, plating production lines, electrophoresis production line, the anode oxidation production line, for the nanjing iveco automobile manufacture co. , LTD. , foxconn's longhua factory, byd co. , China electronics technology group and other companies to provide related solution for water industrial ice machine.

at present there are three cooling surface treatment way,

a: is the direct cooling, smoke the tub solution directly to the cooling refrigerating set inside, the way of refrigerating units pump tank heat pipelines are required to achieve anticorrosive system level.

2: indirect cooling, refers to the need of cooling solution inside the tub installed directly anticorrosion heat exchanger, choose different materials according to the PH, the way not so strict with unit, easy to equipment maintenance, and equipment service life.

3: according to the local environment, in the winter when use cold water for cooling tower water, and cold water switch cooperate to achieve effective energy saving.

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