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Electrophoresis indirect cooling chillers

Electrophoresis is cold water machine for electrophoretic coating, electroplating production line, anodic oxidation, are for the inside of the plating bath electroplating solution to cool down. Electrophoresis industrial ice machine cooling way has two kinds, direct and indirect cooling cooling.

the following interpretation of the electrophoresis under cold water machine the refrigeration principle of indirect cooling:

the water in the basin of cooling tower bottom through the pump to the condenser, cold water machine was carried out on the cold water machine condenser cooling. To flow back to the cooling tower at the top of the spray and down through the cooling tower fan for cooling water, and then flow back to the bottom of the cooling tower basin, so the cycle of operation.

cold water machine the inside of the condenser heat and cold media liquefaction, again into the tank evaporator for evaporation, and evaporation to absorb heat, thereby cooling of the water in the tank, after cooling water through the pump to the heat exchanger ( Separated, middle water, while sulfuric acid,) , again through the heat transfer process of sulfuric acid is cool, so a cyclic process.

cold water machine the advantages of convenient installation, service life is longer than directly frozen opposite, acid and alkali is not easy to corrosion cold water machine. The general cold water machine for plate heat exchanger in the airtight.

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