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Egg drop soup the lyophilizer

Egg drop soup lyophilizer freeze-drying machine, also known as egg drop soup is one of the lyophilizer. Is mainly composed of freeze-dried storehouse, cold trap, heating system, cooling system, vacuum system and control system, etc.

the freeze-drying technology in the production of egg drop soup, egg powder or liquid can be directly for human consumption, such as the former is used to instant egg drop soup, beverage, which used in Fried eggs, scrambled eggs; But there are also more used to make compound food, such as egg soup series products. Egg drop soup and lyophilization series products and in the laver egg drop soup, tomato egg flower soup, hot and sour soup, etc. Japanese besides egg products, egg drop soup and corn starch, edible adhesive, artificial crab meat, dried mushrooms, small shallots, salt, sugar and spices, etc. Annual production of 40 billion bags of instant noodles, all over the world including China about 15 billion bags ( About 1. 5 million tons) 。 Currently, both cracker dough ingredients, its egg is more hot air drying, if with freeze-dried egg, its taste and nutrition like eggs.

the lyophilizer is not only used for fresh eggs, egg drop soup can also be processing cooked eggs. Those who need long time storage and maximum of retain nutrients, can make use of the freeze-drying technology.

egg drop soup lyophilizer parameters:


TF - 陕西林业局。 20

effective dry area

2. 25 ㎡

barrier layer

5 + 1

clapboard temperature range

- 50 ℃ to + 70 ℃

clapboard temperature

1 ℃

baffle spacing

80 mm

partition size

500 mm * 900 mm * 15 mm

cold trap temperature

- 70℃( No-load)

catch water capacity

25 kg / 24 h

electric defrosting


ultimate vacuum

10 pa


air cooling, ventilation, room temperature 25 ℃

tamponade way

hydraulic pressure on the plug ( Gland type)

reference dimension

2150 mm * 1150 mm * 1600 mm

the machine power

14. 5KW( Including electric heating 2 kw)
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