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Edible ice has a great effect, and ice making equipment is needed for production

Edible ice is a ubiquitous and often overlooked object in daily life. When you consider buying iced milk tea, you will see the clerk put ice cubes in it. When you go to a coffee shop, you often provide sugar cubes and ice cubes; when you go out to enjoy a buffet, you usually put seafood on a pile of ice cubes. An ice maker is needed to produce all kinds of edible ice. Ice making equipment is usually equipped with a refrigeration system. When water flows through the refrigeration system, it can be converted into ice cubes of a specified thickness, and then deiced with high-pressure hot air. According to the different principles of the evaporator and the production process, the shape of the ice produced is also different. According to the shape of the ice maker, the ice maker can be divided into square ice maker, snowflake ice maker, pellet ice maker, tube ice maker, flake ice maker, plate ice maker, shell ice maker, etc. Ice cubes of different shapes are suitable for different dining places and have different functions. The shape of the ice cube produced by the tube ice maker is irregular, and the tube length is hollow, which is not easy to melt. Therefore, it is suitable for preserving food in supermarkets, cafeterias, fishing boats, etc. Waiting for food contact with Japanese food, suitable for seafood restaurants, sushi restaurants, etc.; most of the ice cubes seen in milk tea shops, coffee shops, etc. are cubes. Adding such ice cubes to beverages has a better aesthetic effect and cooling effect. Role. The production speed of the industrial ice maker is extremely critical. Take milk tea shop as an example. During the outbreak of cold drinks in summer, basically three to four ice cubes are needed for each cup of milk tea, but the consumption of ice cubes is very large. Commercial ice machines need to meet the large amount of ice cubes of these catering companies in a short time, and they need to speed up production. According to reports, some companies have installed row-chamber diaphragm ice evaporators for ice machines. The evaporator has higher cooling efficiency and can greatly increase the amount of ice produced. The heat insulation effect of the ice maker is also worth mentioning. For some store locations, there is a significant difference in passenger traffic within a day. Just like the milk tea shops around the school, Chinese food will peak at dinner. Shopkeepers often need to reserve some ice cubes in advance. Whether the stored ice cubes melt is closely related to the heat insulation effect of the ice maker. It is reported that in order to improve the insulation effect of the industrial ice maker, some companies try to add stainless steel polyurethane foam to the evaporator. The box body uses fluorine-free foam as the insulation layer, and the pipeline also uses insulation treatment to promote the improvement of the insulation performance of the equipment. The ice maker produces edible ice cubes, which are usually added directly to food, so food safety issues also need to be paid attention to. Generally speaking, ice machines have two food safety hazards. One is that if the water flow accumulates for a long time, the water tank at the water inlet may produce scale and fungus. Some companies try to use a float-type water inlet system in the water tank components. To a large extent, there is no residual water. The other is that the water flowing through the water pipe may become fouled, and the ice storage box needs to be in contact with people. Therefore, merchants usually recommend that all parts of the industrial ice maker need to be cleaned every two weeks. Take the ice cube maker that can usually be used in milk tea shops. I once saw a staff member who used a shovel to scoop up ice cubes stuck in a rectangle after the ice maker produced ice cubes. This phenomenon may be caused by improper control of the water volume by the ice maker. The compressor may also have a problem, and the high-pressure hot air discharged is insufficient or uneven. Specific problems need to be further investigated and repaired. In addition, in order to improve the safety of ice maker production, most ice maker manufacturers have equipped the ice maker with automatic reminder and shutdown functions to prevent the ice maker from being full and lack of water, so that users can monitor the ice maker’s performance. Manufacturing state
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