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Drug vacuum freeze drier, Du Zhongxian freeze-drying technology of medicinal materials

Drug vacuum freeze drier, Du Zhongxian medicinal materials of freeze-drying process

dry bark of eucommia ulmoides for eucommiaceae eucommia ulmoides plants, has the kidney, the effect of strong bones and muscles, is a food and drug of traditional Chinese medicine, is a rich source of chlorogenic acid and styrene acrylic class, Beijing's flat nucleoside acid, Beijing's flat glycosides, such as peach skin coral glycosides cycloalkene ether terpenoids, rosin alcohol two glycosidase lignans, rutin and flavonoids and other active ingredients.

the traditional drying of the bark of eucommia as: 4 - June strip and scrape off the thick skin, piled up & other; Sweating & throughout; To endothelial a purplish-brown, dry. We found that this method of eucommia ulmoides dry effective component content is low, clinical effect is poor.

drug vacuum freeze drier, fresh medicine dry new applications. Vacuum freeze drying of eucommia bark, a variety of high content of effective components, clinical curative effect is better. Whose character is: in the vacuum freeze drier, freezing to - 10° C; Reach the freezing temperature, vacuum and pressure of drying chamber below 30 pa, heating sublimation sublimation temperature control in 40 & deg; C the following; Parsing the temperature control in 45 & deg; C below, waiting for freeze-dried finish. After lyophilization of cortex eucommiae for maximum retained its active ingredients.

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