Drug vacuum freeze drier application advantages in tianshan snow lotus

by:CBFI     2020-10-01
Tianshan snow lotus major pharmaceutical and health care value, but the traditional machining method of tianshan snow lotus extract remain efficacy component extraction rate is low, the tianshan snow lotus extract medicinal and health care effect is poor, the emergence of drug vacuum freeze drier solved this problem. Its application advantages in tianshan snow lotus, vacuum low temperature drying, can be a very good keep snow lotus original beneficial nutrients, including volatile oils, alkaloids, flavonoids, acids, sugars, tannins, such as active ingredients, can not only provide the growth and development of the human body needed nutrients, but also has special biological functions. Tianshan snow lotus in the preparation of small molecular peptide extract health care products and the application of traditional Chinese medicine products.

tianshan snow lotus is a valuable medicinal plant flowers, contain volatile oils, alkaloids, flavonoids, phenols, sugars, tannins, such as active ingredient, with cold phlegm, no blood, warm palace scattered stasis, to treat menoxenia, etc. In addition, tianshan snow lotus in treating kidney empty lumbago, (, menstruation blood disease have obvious effect, etc.

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