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Drag mark experiment is introduced and the thermal energy development

Due to the nuclear fusion energy development is a very important for all mankind development subject, all countries in the world spent a great deal of money, manpower, committed to the plasma nuclear fusion research. Since 1968 years ago the Soviet physicist, T - by defensive leadership 3 and TM - 3 tokamak experiment success, since the world has successively set up hundreds of sizes of tokamak device. At present, the tokamak fusion experimental study, the focus of the superconducting tokamak has shifted from conventional tokamak to come up, to carry out the future advanced steady-state tokamak fusion of engineering and the physical basis and experimental research.

in 1978, the Soviet union built the world's first superconducting tokamak T - 7, but failed to physics experiment. In the mid - 1970 - s in the us and Europe, big coil plan is put forward, its purpose is for superconducting technology applied in large-scale superconducting tokamak ring to obtain actual manufacturing experience, provide experimental data for the determination of design principles. LCT including forced cooling conductor. Beginning in July 1986 grandma experiment, the six coil of toroidal field strength reaches 8 t success. After LCT, the us and Europe, and put forward the poloidal field coil research program, with a focus on the solution to run on fast excitation state of poloidal field coil high pressure requirements and communication loss problem, its one way is to use CICC conductor, simplify the structure of the coil insulation, and fastening the coil structure and reduce the loss.

in the meantime, kyushu university in Japan, French cut card dara nuclear research center, in 1986 - the Soviet atomic energy research institute Built in 1988 by toroidal field magnet tokamak device.

in the late 1980 s, Japan Europe and the Soviet union put forward the international thermonuclear fusion reactor experiment plan, the program was started in 1992 engineering design and the development of the model of the coil, in January 2000, the new scheme is proposed and start the detailed design. New the size of the ITER project and goal are compared to the original design. The goal is to realize the ignition, induction drive plasma combustion time of 400 s, about 2000 s steady running time, produce 400 mw of fusion power. Plasma big radius is 6. 2 m, small radius is 2. 0米; Induction drive plasma current 15 ma; The steady state plasma current 9 ~ 12 ma; Total cost $4. 3 billion.
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