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Double water double temperature water machine

Double water double temperature water just as its name implies is to have double temperature control and double water circulation cooling system of the chiller. Its emergence is based on the latest optical fiber laser cutting machine at the same time need two lines of different temperature of the water to cool the laser machine main body and the lens, respectively. The water temperature is 20 - laser machine main body need 22 degrees or so, and water temperature 28 - lens need About 30 degrees. The current solution is used alone two one large and one small cold water machine. Among them, a with low temperature to laser machine main body heat with cold water, another offer lens cooling with high temperature. So, reduce the efficiency and produce the waste of resources.
aiming at the shortcomings of the existing technology, the emergence of double water double temperature water machine can improve efficiency and cost savings can output two lines of different temperature, at the same time can provide 15 - at the same time The low temperature of 25 degrees and 25 - water 35 degrees of high temperature water, according to the different applications of low temperature water and hot water temperature can be controlled in 5 - 10 degrees to respectively for use by the main body and the lens of optical fiber laser machine, improve efficiency and cost savings.
double water double temperature water machine including compressor, evaporator, condenser, the throttle device, low temperature, high temperature water tank, cryogenic pump, and heat pump; Connected to the compressor and condenser compressor into the high-temperature high-pressure gas industrial ice machine cooling in a high pressure liquid industrial ice machine; Throttling device connected between the condenser and evaporator to the condenser temperature into the high-pressure liquid refrigerant steam throttling depressurization into low temperature low pressure liquid in the two-phase refrigerant to the evaporator side by side; Evaporator is set in the tanks in low temperature and low temperature heat exchange water tank in the inland waters; Low temperature water pump connection between the low temperature water tank and the outlet at low temperature and through the bypass pipe connected to the high temperature water tank; High temperature water pump connection between the high temperature water tank and the outlet of high temperature.

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