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Double temperature refrigerator

Industry the characteristics of the refrigerator is clear, in ensuring maximum technology advantage at the same time, increase the stability and efficiency characteristics, under the guarantee of minimum temperature, stable quality, high efficiency and fast speed. In the same kind of competition, had my own place, and a stable development, continuously exceed the momentum.

today, industrial refrigerator, on the basis of existing, again perfect their Settings, innovation and development of a new double temperature section, double volume of new double temperature refrigerator.

double temperature refrigerator industry is not very widely used, because of the cost and the cost of the problem, in some special requirement of environment, can play more than one box control, integrated temperature characteristics. Better save a space at the same time, also better use cost saving. But this double temperature refrigerator, on the environment and more volume, but there was no stronger competitiveness. No advantage, after all, the space, also need not big volume into a refrigerator, two temperature period.

in the continuous innovation, hope can through the way of gland, the objects interact within two temperature period. Through the vacuum sealing and refrigeration temperature, in order to achieve the ideal double temperature form & ndash; — Double temperature exchange.

the technique of refrigerator cooling rate, cooling requirement and extreme temperature, using the environment have requirements. Hope that interested customers, can communication, the most hope to be able to meet the product requirements tell himself, convenient and better, more perfect production, make it more competitive.
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