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Double temperature intelligent cryogenic refrigerator

Refrigeration equipment innovation, according to the demand of the market, the development use double temperature intelligent cryogenic refrigerator, a refrigerator, two Spaces, different temperatures, with minimal space, caring for you meet the requirements of temperature.

1. 1 thermal insulation door and secondary seal in double door, easy to use and reduce cold energy loss, energy saving;
1. 2 adopt efficient air cooling condenser, cooling effect is good, fast refrigeration;
1. 3 super thick environmental protection heat preservation thermal insulation layer, effectively reducing cold energy loss, energy saving, prolong service life.
1. 4 box tank made of stainless steel plate tubular copper tube evaporator, item access convenient, refrigeration effect is good, the tank easy to clean;
1. Control and the temperature in the cabinet 5 positive indicating device installed in the enclosure, do not have to open the door to adjust and to check the temperature in the cabinet, beautiful, practical, and easy;
1. Microcomputer control, more accurate, safety;
1. 7 system is equipped with safety protection device, ensure the system safe and reliable operation;
1. 8 refrigeration system all adopt the imported components, good reliability, long service life;
1. 9 complete alarm system ( Overtemperature alarm system fault alarm) And temperature recording system ( Optional) To ensure the safety of the items in the preserve.
dominated by technology, product competitiveness and advantages focus on products of low temperature, with very low temperature to ensure the user's demand, because of the difficulty of the temperature on the technology, so this kind of savings, on the space on cost control, and can provide two kinds of storage in a machine two cryogenic equipment, have a good market, if the user has this aspect demand, can tell the refrigeration temperature you choose, volume, and other requirements, will use the most sincere attitude, the conscience of the price, the most efficient speed to provide you with solutions. Make each product, to lay a more market.

double temperature ultra-low temperature freezer, new breakthroughs, new future. Same, atrial at low temperature.
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