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Double steam cold water machine series

Refrigeration can meet the needs of each customer, any complex models, special requirements are welcome to inquire, emphatically introduce lithium bromide industrial ice machine, communication, please know!

double steam libr absorption chiller series loop flow structure is simpler, more convenient for operating. But the generator deflated range is small, the solution circulating rate is bigger, therefore, of the unit heat coefficient is smaller. Solution will usually enter the high voltage generator, and into the low pressure generator of circulation process, referred to as the streaming process; After solution into the low pressure generator, first enter the high voltage generator of circulation process, called tandem process.

in the series process of lithium bromide absorption industrial ice machine, the low voltage of the generator heat source temperature is lower, and the solution quality score is higher, is not conducive to the happening of the evaporation cooling agent. Series, therefore, circulation process of double-effect lithium bromide absorption of steam group, applicable to steam parameter higher applications, such as steam gauge pressure is zero. 6 mpa, or 0. The occasion of 8 mpa.

series of the circulation process of solution circuit process

dilute solution by the low temperature heating heating process of solution heat exchanger. By dilute solution from the absorber is after born solution pump pressure, into the low temperature solution heat exchanger GuanCheng, be concentrated solution from low voltage generator in the shell side of heat exchanger tube side. Temperature rise, its mass fraction, remain the same.

dilute solution after you sleep heating heat exchanger, heat exchanger by the low temperature solution flow of dilute solution into the condensate in the shell side of heat exchanger, by the pipe from the high voltage generator in the tube side clusters of boiler steam condensate heat to state point 7, temperature rise, its quality score remains the same,
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