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Double steam circulation of lithium bromide absorption chillers

The application of double steam of the lithium bromide absorption industrial ice machine system is a complex process, there are a lot of details and the premise condition, in the process of implementation of the change of the reaction and operation is also requires a high degree of, here to make some simple introduction, convenient communication, if there is anything wrong, please contact the industry: 021 - 51083925, or direct message, communication is given priority to, please don't publish illegal and unhealthy response.

double steam applications of lithium bromide absorption industrial ice machine system has two heat source loop:

1. Constitute the driving heat source heating circuit is composed of high voltage generator, condenser water heat exchanger and steam boilers and other driving heat source heating circuit, high voltage generator directly provided by the boiler steam heating the solution concentration.

2. Composed of high voltage generator and mortgage generator cooling steam heating circuit, low voltage generator in the solution, by the high voltage generator of the evaporation cooling steam heating concentration.

double effect of cooling water and cold water loop is the same as the single work unit. Cooling water circuit by low voltage generator, condenser, throttle unit, evaporator and the cooling water pump, etc. Solution loop by the absorber and solution heat exchanger, condensate pump, low temperature solution heat exchanger, solution heat exchanger in high temperature and high pressure generator and low voltage generator, etc.

double steam libr absorption chiller missing more than timid unit, its circulation Liu Cheng also more complicated than the single effect unit. Because the solution circuit by two generator, solution heat exchanger and water heat exchanger, such as coagulation can process multiple solution cycle. Three kinds of basic solution cycle is: 1. In series process, dilute solution flow absorber, successively into two generator; 2. After parallel process, dilute solution flow absorber, parallel into two generator; 3. Series parallel process, the characteristics of both series process and parallel process.
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