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Double refrigerating machine

And parallel process of double-effect lithium bromide industrial ice machine, tandem process double-effect lithium bromide refrigerator out of the absorber vessel's journey is: low temperature solution heat exchanger - high temperature solution heat exchanger - High voltage generator - - - high temperature solution heat exchanger - Low voltage generator - - Solution heat exchanger - at low temperature - The absorber.

dilute solution from the absorber 7 through 9 lose to low temperature absorption pump solution and high temperature heat exchanger 10 solution heat exchanger after 11 is concentrated solution heat, into the high voltage generator 1, heavy solution of the heat exchanger in high temperature solution after 11 are cooled into low voltage generator 2, in the low-pressure generator 2 solution is from high voltage generator of cold extrusion of high temperature steam heating again after cold extrusion steam into concentrated solution, concentrated solution after low temperature pus 10 cooling heat exchanger in 7 to absorb the steam absorber, is produced by high pressure and low pressure generator of cold extrusion was condensation of steam entering the condenser three, after the throttle device 4 throttling 5 evaporative cooling into the evaporator.

in the flow path for high voltage generator solution: point 2 low pressure dilute solution of the pump pressure promoted to P, high-temperature solution heat exchanger heating for point 7, then through the low pressure solution heat exchanger heat change points to 10, and then enter the high voltage generator, heated, cold extrusion steam produced solution into 12 points more concentrated solution, a strong solution heat exchanger in high temperature solution is cooled to 13 points into the low pressure generator. Solution in low voltage generator by cold extrusion from high voltage generator steam heating continue to produce cold extrusion, the solution is further enriched to 4 points, and then mixed with absorber heating the low temperature part of the dilute solution to nine points, flash to 9 points, absorb from evaporator evaporated into low pressure dilute solution.
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