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Does the ice machine produce thin ice? No water? The 'culprit' turned out to be 'it'


  A shop owner asked for help in the group, reflecting that the ice cubes produced by his ice-making mechanism were very thin, and that the ice maker was not running water. The editor immediately contacted several manufacturers’ technicians. According to Professional knowledge to eliminate the problem little by little. 1. The ice in the ice-making mechanism is very thin. There are two reasons:

   1. The ice cubes from the ice-making mechanism are very thin. Thick buttons. Of course, the ice thickness adjustment of the machine also depends on the model.  2. The water pressure is not enough. The water in the machine is determined by the external water pressure. Check the water pressure of the water purifier. 2. The ice machine does not supply water, and there are probably the following problems:

   If it is not an accessory problem, the reason for not supplying water may also be a water pressure problem. The common situation is that the customer's cooling water is also filtered. Water, resulting in insufficient water supply to the water purifier. The cooling water is only used for cooling, and the water consumption is relatively large, because the flow rate and water pressure of the tap water are relatively large, if the filtered water is also connected, the cooling water body will use up a lot of the filtered water, and the filtered water will lead to insufficient supply. Then the water pressure can't keep up, so just plug in the tap water. However, if it is a maintenance problem, the Bingquan cbfi ice machine technician explained that there may be 5 reasons for not watering:    1. The inlet valve is dirty or damaged 2. The drain valve is dirty or damaged 3. Electronic float There are problems 4. Dirty shunt pipe or water pump filter is dirty. 5. Water pump damage. These types of reasons need to be tested by after-sales maintenance personnel to eliminate the problem. Of course, there are also ice machines with display boards that can display specific problems.

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