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Do you know the trick of making water into ice in the Snowflake Ice Maker?

Snowflake cbfi ice machine is a kind of refrigeration mechanical equipment that produces ice after the water passes through the evaporator and is cooled by the refrigeration system refrigerant. According to the different principles of the evaporator and the production process, the shape of the ice produced is also different. People generally divide ice machines into pellet ice machines, flake ice machines, plate ice machines, tube ice machines, shell ice machines, etc. according to the ice shape. . According to the use and the characteristics of the ice itself, ice is mainly divided into: tube ice, block ice, granular ice, flake ice (freshwater seawater), slab ice (freshwater seawater), transparent ice, and ice water. No matter what kind of ice it is, its use is determined by its characteristics.   Precautions for using the snowflake ice maker:    1. After purchasing the snowflake ice maker, it must be placed for 12 hours before it can be used.   2. The ice maker should be installed in a ventilated and heat-dissipating place to prevent the ice maker from overheating and easy to damage the ice maker.   3. After the snow ice maker is installed and used, the water inlet pipe must be kept open and not closed.   5. Avoid starting the snowflake ice maker when the voltage is unstable.  6. u200bu200bWhen the snow ice maker is not in use, unplug the power supply. Snowflake ice maker adopts stainless steel shell, anti-corrosion and durable, independent integrated structure, compact and concise, saving space; the insulation layer of the box body is fluorine-free foam, which has good thermal insulation effect, and the inner tank is fluorine-free antibacterial type, energy-saving and environmentally friendly; The components of fluorine-free compressors have been tested and meet the requirements of the RoHs environmental protection directive; all electrical safety components used have 'TUV' or 'VDE' safety certification, certified components are safe and reliable.  The ice process of the snowflake ice making mechanism adopts full computer program control, imported computer chip, reliable control and stable operation. Reducer, low noise, stable and reliable operation. The top of the ice maker is equipped with heat dissipation holes and fans to ensure that the reducer motor can operate reliably under high temperature and harsh conditions. The row cavity partition type ice evaporator has high refrigeration efficiency and large ice production. Spiral hob squeeze ice making type, compact structure, realizing automatic separation of ice and water. The optimized design of the blade edge makes the ice shape small and practical. The unique water tank floating ball water inlet system ensures that there is no residual water, no deicing process, no water loss, no residual water, water saving and energy saving.
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