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Do you know LCCP of Cold Storage Room?

Do you know LCCP of Cold Storage Room?


At this year’s National People’s Congress and The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, food safety has once again come to the fore. General Secretary XI Jinping once again stressed the importance of food safety to people’s live livelihood and society. The cold chain logistics of food carries all the checkpoint processes before the food is consumed. How to ensure the food is always processed and stored safety in the prescribed low temperature aseptic environment has become a problem worth thinking about.

As the source of the whole cold chain logistics, food processing has a direct impact on the quality of food. If there is no sterilizing link at the source, the products carrying bacteria and viruses will be directly delivered to consumers, which will easily pose a threat to consumers’ health and safety, and the reputation and image of the products will also be affected.

In addition, food disorderly processing phenomenon cluster. In many processing workshops, the environment does not meet national or international standards. Food is not only exposed to dirty and disordered environment, but also exposed to substandard disinfection and the hands of workshop workers who do not wear hats, masks and protective clothing. So, the cleanliness and freshness of food cannot be guaranteed.

There are many factors affecting the quality of food processing, among which the most important one is the food processing workshop. In some industries, food processing workshop have a significant impact on the quality of food, especially the primary processing of fruits and vegetables, slaughtering of livestock and poultry, processing of aquatic products, etc., all of which put forward higher requirements for processing workshops.

In view of the statues food processing industry, Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd took the lead in creatively putting forward the concept of LCCP. LCCP is an advanced concept dedicated to improving food quality, ensuring food safety, and caring for employees from the source of food cold chain logistics, namely, food processing.

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What exactly is an LCCP?

LCCP is a Low temperature clean and comfortable plant for cold storage room.

L-Low temperature- balance safety and efficient

The low temperature environment takes into account both food preservation and worker efficiency. The food industry requires the ambient temperature below 12℃. If the temperature is below 5℃, workers need thicker clothes to keep warm and the temperature is low, so the working efficiency will be reduced. If the temperature is higher than 15℃, food freshness is difficult to ensure.

C-Clean-ensure food hygiene and safety

Goods, people and workshops are separated, and multiple measures are taken to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Air curtain machine reduces the impact of incoming and outgoing cargo on workshop cleanliness. Changing room, washing room, air shower room from the source to eliminate bacteria and so on. Ozone disinfection, ultraviolet lamp disinfection, stainless steel drain tank, fresh air filtration system can filter dust in the outside air, ensure clean indoor air, cleaning and disinfection after the operation to reduce the breeding of bacteria.

C-Comfortable-people-oriented, improve efficiency

With advanced fresh air system, the outside air can be cooled, dehumidified, filtered and purified to control the CO2 content, ensuring fresh air, comfortable breathing and efficient working of workers. Double outlet air cooler, quiet (noise 40 dB below), moderate wind speed, soft air disturbance, like high-grade air conditioning, to workers feel comfortable.

P- Comply with CMP construction requirement

The plant shall strictly comply with the requirements related to food production, especially the GMP certification for workshop design and layout, so as to minimize the risk of errors and facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Strict functional zoning, reasonable process layout, reduce the risk of food contamination, at the same time equipped with temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other automatic monitoring equipment.

Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd is not only the first to put forward the concept of LCCP, and its ice source refrigeration subsidiary has successfully applied this concept to the cold storage project. Icesource helped Qian Dama agricultural products Co., Ltd, Guangdong He’s aquatic products Co., Ltd and NO.1 food Co., Ltd. Establish LCCP concept cold storage successively. 

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Guangzhou Icesource is not satisfied with the existing cold storage project construction. In the future, Icesource will make more efforts to extend the concept of LCCP to more logistics links of food cold chain, so as to create a complete and safe environment for food cold chain logistics. On the basis of ensuring the integrity of the cold chain, food safety should be improved to make the greatest contribution to the improvement of people’s living standards.