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do-it-yourself : putting ice maker in permanent cold storage

If you often want an ice maker, but somehow miss the opportunity when buying a refrigerator, you will be happy to know that you can install one on the refrigerator without any difficulty.
After installing one
The market ice machine kit is easy.
It takes less than an hour to finish the work.
It is expected to pay approximately $120 for the ice machine and an additional $15 for the saddle
Tap valve and copper tube as feeding line.
Always choose the same ice maker as your refrigerator.
While advertising can install ice makers in refrigerators that are not built for one person, it is a complex revamp that should be left to professionals.
If your refrigerator is built to accept an ice maker, you will find a rectangular access panel at the back of the device and two phase-out machine openings identified as ice-makingmaker use.
In addition, the device will have a label-marked cover plate inside the refrigerator and several screw holes with a lid on the adjacent side walls.
To connect the ice machine, you need to enter the cold water line through the tank cabinet or the basement.
Installation highlights start by unplugging the refrigerator and pull forward.
Although the ice maker will be installed in the refrigerator, most of the work will be done behind the refrigerator.
AD next, release the screws on the inside cover plate of the refrigerator and drop the plate.
Remove the ice maker access panel on the back of the refrigerator and the access panel below the hidden compressor. Behind the ice-
The manufacturer visits the panel and you will find some with three-
Electrical Wire slot connector and two elimination machine openings.
Pass the water pipe through the top opening and screw the flange of the pipe onto the cabinet.
Next, feed four.
The wire end of the harness enters the freezer room.
Press the connector on the harness into a pre-prepared equivalent connector
Install on the refrigerator.
Next, install the plastic water pipe on the back of the refrigerator onto the solenoid valve of the compressor compartment.
Press the rest of the line-
Connect the connector to the brass solenoid valve pin and install the solenoid valve on the refrigerator cabinet, right in the compressor cabin.
Copper water-
The inlet pipe between the solenoid valve and the inlet pipe.
Mount the saddle
Tap water valve on the cold water pipe.
Trim the feed line to length and attach it to the saddle valve.
The rest of the steps are in the fridge.
First, slide the extension of the water pipe to the water pipe so that the spout can enter the freezer chamber well.
Place the ice machine in the compartment and press the two halves of the electrical connection together until they are locked.
To install the CBFI ice makeron the frozen wall, pry the screw open
Use the putty knife to remove the hole cap from the wall and screw the ice maker in place and level it.
Rinse the ice bucket clean, slide the ice bucket under the ice maker and reinstall the remaining access cover.
Turn the handle on the saddle tap valve clockwise to make it penetrate the pipe.
Turn the tap on by turning it counter-clockwise.
The ad inserts the refrigerator and puts it back in place.
Finally, set the fill level knob between \"high\" and \"low\" and allow the ice maker to cycle 24 hours to clear the air from the water pipe.
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