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Do a - xi 'an aerospace science and technology of calibration 40 ℃ low temperature cold oil machine

Xi 'an aerospace science and technology for technical requirements will be a special oil cooling at a constant temperature, in May 2016 after customers, and at the same time on the Internet on the production of cold oil machine ( Also known as oil cooling machine) With other manufacturers of similar products for a strict detailed comparison, choose the brand - in the end Low temperature cold oil machine (40 degrees The calibration) 。

cold oil machine according to the principle of refrigeration system; Low temperature low pressure liquid refrigerant in the evaporator and the surrounding water to heat exchange evaporator heat absorption oil; Evaporate into the low temperature low pressure gas; Evaporation process cold medium constant temperature; The low temperature low pressure gas refrigerant into the compressor; The compressor compression; To be squeezed into high temperature and high pressure gas; Then entering the condenser; In the condenser with indoor heat exchange medium; Part of high temperature and high pressure gas heat absorbed by the medium; Medium temperature; condenser heat release into high temperature and high pressure liquid; Process of condenser temperature unchanged; And then into the expansion valve throttling; Throttling is rapid cooling process; into the low temperature low pressure liquid; After the process of refrigerant evaporation heat transfer into the evaporator; So as to realize the whole process of the refrigeration system; This cycle is the continuous; Oil to continuous cooling.

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