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Distinguish between air-cooled chiller and water cold water machine

How to distinguish between air-cooled chiller and water cold water machine? In fact, is the difference between air cooling and water cooling cold water machine, they are two different ways of heat dissipation, different main difference lies in the cold water machine the condenser.

fans as a cooling device for the air-cooled chiller, through fin condenser, fin is aluminium, the need to heat the aluminum parts adopt external installation, in order to achieve high efficiency heat dissipation, to extract the heat through a powerful fan. Without other auxiliary, in use process always moves, recommend the air-cooled industrial ice machine. But air-cooled chiller with fan cooling, only to environmental requirements: such as ventilation, humidity, temperature is not above 40 & deg; C, the air is ph, etc.

water cold water machine the main condenser by circulating cooling water to take away heat, need to cooling towers or circulating water, cooling effect is better, but it is not convenient to move.

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