Direct the operation of lithium bromide absorption chiller

by:CBFI     2020-10-17
Start the cold and hot water pump, cooling water pump and cooling wind tower crane.

control system to test the chiller and the state of the system, if there are any abnormal, stop start the program.

the burning water chiller controller action.

the fan starts, damper by close to the full open and confirm; Air door fully open to close and confirm; How many to control the air door turn by the amount of fuel.

chiller fuel valve is open.

the ignition valve is opened, the spark plug.

check the flame, water chiller ignition device is normal, have time to relay control ignition time. Fuel (

Gas) Globe valves open, the main burner ignition.

industrial ice machine program stop the basic steps for:

fuel ( Gas) Globe valve closed, fuel supply valve is closed.

air door fully open to close.

as industrial ice machine in heating condition, the cooling pump stop; In a state of refrigeration, cold agent by-pass valve opening, controlled by the temperature controller or time relay dilution process, cooling pump work for a period of time.

temperature or dilution time after reaching set requirements, solution and cooling pump stop running.

cold hot water pump, cooling water pump downtime.

wind cooling tower crane downtime.

chiller into normal downtime).
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