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Direct expansion type cold water machine evaporator is introduced

Direct expansion type cold water machine type evaporator is called direct expansion evaporator ( Dry evaporator) 。 It's exit has clear heat of heat, and usually measured of the industrial ice machine by thermal expansion valve. Direct expansion type evaporator can be either a small capacity of chiller, in some old type of unit, can also be cold 150 tons. Direct expansion type water chiller will refrigerants from one end of cooling barrel into, at the same time at one end of the shell into the water. The outer edge of the water in the industrial ice machine tube, guide plate can make the water come into contact with as much as possible of the pipe, in order to get the best heat effect. This structure is possible problems: if the pipe water side fouling, sedimentation, so to clean up the only way is to use chemical preparation, because this kind of cooler cannot make brushes for cleaning, this is its cycle with water in the tube. cycle outside tube overflow type cold water machine the biggest difference.

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