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Direct cooling system is very simple

Direct cooling system is very simple, so use less equipment, less investment in the early of the refrigeration unit, there is only one between refrigerant and cooling medium temperature, in a medium temperature evaporation temperature is higher, this to improve the refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration compressor, reducing power consumption is good, and can make the long-term operation of refrigeration equipment cost is reduced, the forced air convection evaporator, the heat transfer coefficient is higher, the evenness of temperature in cold places, cooling speed faster, thus directly to the cooling system is widely used in refrigeration unit. But also has the shortcoming of difficult customer service, direct cooling system when using ammonia as a industrial ice machine system sealing as soon as the damage will endanger the life safety, pollution of food freezers, in addition, when the industrial ice machine need long-distance transmission pipelines is due to the role of, make the flash gas producing refrigerants, affect the economy of refrigeration equipment.
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