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Direct cold block ice machine

The advantages of the direct cooling block ice machine: A. Modular design of the entire ice making system B. Energy saving: about 60 kWh per ton of ice produced, and about 80 kWh per ton of the traditional salt water tank C. Sanitation: direct cooling block ice The machine does not need other heat exchange carriers, the refrigerant directly evaporates and exchanges heat, the mold is made of aluminum alloy, and the ice cubes are edible if the water quality reaches the standard. D. Low operating cost: The operation is the simplest, and the floor space is much smaller than the traditional salt water cbfi ice machine; the hot fluorine automatic deicing, the deicing speed is fast, and it saves manpower and electricity. E. Stable and durable: Adopting circulating hot air ice extraction technology and direct thermal expansion heat exchange technology, the product performance is stable; the evaporator material aluminum alloy is not rusty, will not be deformed, does not need to be replaced, one investment, and life-long use. F. Deicing quickly and quickly: After the water freezes into ice, the ice making system heats in the opposite direction, and the hot fluorine enters the evaporator to deice, and the deicing speed is fast; after deicing, it directly falls on the ice conveying device without driving and other lifting equipment . G. Fast ice formation time: The direct cooling block ice machine is generally designed to produce ice twice in 24 hours, and the freezing time is about 9 hours each time. The freezing time of traditional salt water tanks is generally 12 hours. 1. It is widely used in: restaurants and hotels Hotels, bars, KTV, milk tea shops, restaurants and other places. 2. Ice cubes are crystal clear and bright, with high hardness and low temperature, large contact surface, and better use effect. 3. Beautiful and elegant appearance, all-stainless steel design, durable and sanitary, the surface is not easy to be stained with oil, and it is easy to clean. 4. Strict manufacturing process, original imported spare parts, lower failure rate and longer service life. 5. The control system adopts advanced microcomputer full intelligent control, the ice maker's working process of ice making and ice making when the ice is full, automatic detection does not require special personnel to operate, and it is safer to use. 6. It will automatically stop working in the event of water shortage, ice full, or malfunction, making it safer and more secure to use. 7. Adopting energy-saving design, high efficiency and high stability, faster ice making and deicing speed, saving time and water, saving electricity, and saving one third of electricity compared with similar products. 8. The ice storage cabinet adopts environmental protection technology, high-efficiency heat preservation and lower energy consumption, and the ice storage space adopts food-grade standard PP material, and the ice cubes are more assured to eat. 9. The condensing system and the temperature sensing system are more scientifically configured and can adapt to various environmental temperatures. 10. Long-term ice-making performance testing and monitoring before leaving the factory ensure the excellent performance of the product. 11. It has been exported to more than 120 countries and regions, and its excellent quality has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad. 1. Imported compressor with low noise and high temperature protection function to avoid compressor damage under high temperature and harsh working conditions. 2. Pure copper Freon pipes have long life and never leak fluorine. 3. The body is made of 304 stainless steel plate, which has strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance. 4. The pure copper ice tray has a special nickel-plated layer for rapid ice making and deicing. 5. The ABS plastic inner tank is formed by one-time blister molding, and the super-thick fluorine-free polyurethane integral foam layer provides efficient refrigeration. 6. The waterway has its own filter, which can prevent large particles from blocking the waterway. 7. All ice and water contact parts adopt food grade and US FDA standard. 8. The ice maker is automatically controlled, and the microcomputer automatically controls the water intake, ice making, deicing, and automatic shutdown when the ice is full, etc. 9. Nationwide warranty! The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, and the compressor is two years. The utilization rate of ice making machines in modern society is very high, but at present, ice making machines have not yet formed a very complete system. Many customers buy ice machines in large quantities just to follow the trend. It is actually very superficial to understand how to buy ice machines. First of all, we must know something about ice machines. The most important point is to look at the production. The amount of ice produced by the ice machine. In fact, this is also a very realistic problem. Customers who purchase ice machines, of course, hope that this ice machine has the highest cost performance and can use the smallest resources to obtain 'the greatest benefit'. 'Best benefit' actually refers to the output of the ice machine. Because ice machines have very strict requirements on temperature when they produce ice, if you want to compare the ice production between ice machines, you can do it in the marked standard working conditions. The standard temperature requirements are: the water temperature is between 14°C and 16°C, the ambient temperature is between 19°C and 23°C, and the power requirements are single-phase 220v50hz/three-phase 380v50hz. The direct cooling block ice machine graphic describes how the ice machine should be installed. The normal operation of the direct cooling block ice machine should be placed indoors instead of outdoors. The ice machine itself is an electrical appliance and cannot accept a lot of light and rain. water. The ice maker should be placed in a place with good air circulation, no hidden safety hazards, clean sanitary conditions, and no heat sources. When the ice maker is in use, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius, and the high temperature should not be higher than 38 degrees Celsius. In order to perform the work better, there should be a gap between the cbfi ice machine and other objects, especially ice making. At least 250mm should be left behind the machine to better allow the machine to dissipate heat normally during use. The operation of the ice machine is usually accompanied by related instructions, but many people usually don't pay attention to these problems, and when they see a new electrical appliance, they just start using it. This approach is really very dangerous. Especially for these electrical appliances, as long as you are not careful, some unexpected situations are likely to happen. Now Xia Zhixue will help you understand the operation process of the cbfi ice machine. Customers also check the description of this process and take a look at themselves. What are the improper aspects of the operation.
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