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Dilution water chiller

As dilution water pattern in a very important application of pulse magnetic field dilution refrigeration system in the specific application environment should pay attention to the following questions.

temperature stability refers to the duration of the temperature to maintain in a digital. As part of the sample chamber of the cooling system in the system at low temperature, the stability of dilution refrigerator to maintain a certain temperature, to some extent is more important than any other system performance parameters. The stability of the temperature directly determines the temperature of the sample is accurate, to judge the results are accurate. General factors influencing the stability of the system leakage and vacuum pump for semiconductor equipment operation stability. So in the installation and use of dilution refrigerator but want serious leak detection, goes on leak detection at room temperature and low temperature conditions, every change samples or unavailable again to check again. In the system during normal operation, pay attention to the working condition of the system monitoring.

for all the chillers, cooling temperature, and the performance parameters of refrigerating capacity is very important. The difference is that some of the other machine in the interaction of these two parameters will be less obvious. In the release of chiller, cooling temperature and the lowest is mutual restriction relations between refrigerating capacity. This is because he directly decide the size of the refrigeration of circulation, but when the he flow from the heat exchanger into the mixing chamber is too big, he brought into the mixing chamber heat may also be too much, which directly lead to mix indoor temperature cannot drop to the ideal temperature, which is why single cycle refrigeration temperature is generally lower than that of continuous cooling temperature. The release of the industrial ice machine to the requirement in this experiment, due to the required minimum temperature is 30 mk, so in ensuring reasonable selection of heat exchanger forms and combinations at the same time, also the structure of the heat exchanger and the research to a certain size, and select reasonable he circulation, namely he velocity, in an effort to ensure minimum temperature requirements under the premise of get the maximum refrigerating capacity, so the choice of the reasonable vacuum pump is also very important.
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