Different types of cold water type issued notice

by:CBFI     2020-10-17
Cold water machine used more widely in all walks of life, and therefore different appellation. Can be divided into: piston water industrial ice machine, screw machine, centrifugal water chillers, ReBengShi chiller and lithium bromide absorption chiller. Different types of cold water machine when selection should pay attention to the following questions:

1, the refrigeration system load = indoor load + + new wind load and heat load. If the air conditioning system is the total load estimate index calculated by the air conditioning load, the refrigeration system load total = air conditioning system load.

2, and the choice of electric drive water chillers, when a single air conditioning refrigerating capacity Q> 1163 kw, appropriate chooses centrifugal chiller: when Q = 580 - Is 1163 kw, appropriate chooses centrifugal or screw unit: when Q< 580 kw, appropriate chooses piston type water chiller. When the winter average temperature is higher than outdoor - Unit 10 ℃ when, can choose ReBengShi cold and hot bath water.

3, the electric refrigerator refrigeration system COP higher than absorption chiller thermal system s about more than three times. Consumption has a low to high order: centrifugal, screw and piston type, absorption. Therefore, only when the appropriate heat source, especially the places where waste heat or waste heat can be used, or lack of electricity place, appropriate chooses absorption refrigerating machine.

4, cooling mechanism to choose 2 - commonly Four advisable, small and medium size appropriate chooses 2 sets, can choose three larger, oversize can choose four. As spare unit to consider between and the possibility of rotation use. Machine room can adopt different capacity of the unit with a combination of solutions, to save energy.

5, choosing chillers pollution to the environment should be considered: one is the noise and vibration, to meet the requirements of the environment: the second is the harm of refrigerants of atmospheric ozone layer and the size of the greenhouse effect.

6, for the choice of the chiller sets should avoid as far as possible choose single units, in conditions allow, can choose two or more of the industrial ice machine, so don't consider the spare unit, and in the case of load changes, you can turn off part of the water industrial ice machine, save operating cost, can make the unit running under high COP value. Water chillers and chilled water pump can adopt the way of one to one correspondence, such as restricted by the size of the room, also can use more than one chiller with many sets of frozen water pump independent parallel connection Settings. This kind of arrangement is it more obvious advantages of simple and convenient, but this way should be paid attention to in the case of a part of the air conditioning cooling load, is part of the chiller is in a state of suspended.

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