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Differences, advantages and disadvantages between quick-freezing tunnel and quick-freezing cold storage

Differences, advantages and disadvantages between quick-freezing tunnel and quick-freezing cold storage


Advantages and disadvantages of quick freezing tunnel

Quick-freezing tunnels are more and more used in production and living fields, and they have obvious advantages and disadvantages.

1. Disadvantages of quick freezing tunnel:

Since both ends of the tunnel are difficult to seal tightly, and there is air communication with the external environment, there may be problems in sanitation and cleaning for poorly designed quick-freezing tunnels, which may have a hygienic impact on food processing.

The installation period of large-scale quick-freezing tunnels is slightly longer. For quick-freezing tunnels with large production capacity, larger workshop space is usually required. Wind-type quick-freezing tunnels may cause a small amount of water loss in food during production;


2. The obvious advantages of quick freezing tunnel:

Customized products according to process and hygienic requirements, it is easier to meet the requirements of production standards; can realize automatic control, no need for manual duty, save labor costs, continuous production, high production capacity, suitable for modern high-speed production lines, can be customized to be easy to clean and hygienic Product structure Quick-freezing and cooling operation costs are low. For quick-freezing and cooling of food, the operating electricity cost per kilogram is about 0.1~0.15 yuan (the electricity price may vary from place to place). Other cooling items cool down quickly and easily meet the process requirements. , Fast cooling, good food preservation effect, high quality and high value are locked.

The appearance is clean and beautiful, and the products are elegant, which adds points to the corporate image. It is connected with the automated process to greatly improve the production efficiency; customized production is integrated with the supporting production process into a unified assembly line system;

The difference between quick-freezing warehouse and quick-freezing tunnel

Quick-frozen foods have the following advantages:

1. The food stays in the cold storage for a short time, which is beneficial to improve the utilization rate and continuous production efficiency of the refrigeration equipment.

2. Quickly reduce the food to below the temperature of microbial growth activity, which is beneficial to resist the growth of microorganisms and their biochemical reactions;

3. Reduce the water separation in the cells, reduce the loss of juice during thawing, and avoid the formation of large ice crystals between cells;

4. The time for concentrating solutes, food tissues, colloids and various components in contact with each other in the cell tissue is significantly shortened, and the harm of concentration is reduced to a minimum;



The entry and exit of goods in the quick-frozen cold storage need to be realized manually. The food that needs to be quick-frozen is put into the cold storage, the refrigeration equipment is turned on, and the food is rapidly cooled and frozen; when the food is frozen, the refrigeration equipment is stopped, and it also needs to be manually The goods are moved out and transferred to a low temperature refrigerator or other place. The quick-freezing tunnel is also known as the tunnel-type quick-freezing machine. The principle is the same as that of the quick-freezing warehouse. The biggest difference is that the quick-freezing tunnel can realize continuous quick-freezing work and improve production efficiency.

The quick-freezing warehouse is to quickly pass the food through its largest ice crystal formation area, and freeze quickly when the central temperature reaches -18 °C. Quick-freezing cold storage usually requires relatively large refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration capacity of the equipment is proportional to the quick-freezing capacity of the food and inversely proportional to the quick-freezing time. Quick-freezing cold storage is also called quick-freezing warehouse.

The characteristic of quick-frozen food is to maintain the original nutritional value, color and aroma of the food to the greatest extent, that is to say, the quick-frozen cold storage is to ensure the maximum reversibility of the above-mentioned changes in the food during the freezing process. Food will undergo various changes during the freezing process, such as physical changes (volume, thermal conductivity, specific heat, dry consumption changes, etc.) chemical changes (protein denaturation, color change, etc.) cell tissue changes and biological and microbial changes Wait.