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Did ancient people make ice cubes? What ice-making technology do they have?

In fact, many people have discovered that in fact, people in ancient times seem to have used ice cubes. What kind of iced plum soup seems to have been shown in many TV dramas during the Three Kingdoms period, so netizens have to ask, now The ice is made with Shenma refrigerators. So how did the ancient people make refrigerators without refrigerators? Let’s follow the editor to reveal the secrets! In fact, when the editor explored this question, I found two answers, one is actually The ancients did not make ice, but only transported ice cubes for storage and then used it. Another answer is that the ancients really had the technology to make ice, that is, saltpeter was used, so we might as well take a look at what happened. Saltpeter ice making method: Let’s take a look at this. In fact, as early as the Tang Dynasty, the very intelligent ancients discovered saltpeter in the process of mining gunpowder. Saltpeter will absorb a lot of heat when it encounters water. Let the water cool until it freezes. This method has been very mature in the Tang Dynasty, and many intelligent vendors have used this method to produce many ice-related peripheral products. Something like adding sugar, fruit juice, fruit syrup, and milk to ice, so we were the originator of Haagen-Dazs in the Tang Dynasty. Knowing that the Mongolian people of the Song Dynasty produced 'ice creamSo we have this method early on. But everyone sees this, in fact, in some ancient TV dramas, it seems that there is no relevant content about ice and ice food. This is actually related to another situation. Storage ice making method: As early as the Shang Dynasty, the ice was cut up in winter and stored in the ice cellar for use in summer. In fact, this is common in places such as imperial palaces, but it has not been seen in the folks. . In fact, there were very strict rules for storing ice in ancient times, and there were special official positions to manage this. The official positions used in each dynasty were also different. What are the 'lingers'Wait, the Qing Dynasty actually prevailed the most. At this time, some people will ask, why the Tang Dynasty already used saltpeter to make ice, why not expand it? The editor also has this question, maybe the ice made from saltpeter has a taste, and the Tang Dynasty is very good after all. People don’t need to care about ice making, but ice may not be the same in other dynasties.
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