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Details To Remember When Buying Ice Machines


There are basically two main brands to consider when thinking about purchasing a new commercial ice maker. These are Manitowoc ice machines and Hoshizaki ice machines. The reliability, quality, and selection from these two brands is simply the best. If you run a busy hotel or restaurant, then the importance of reliability cannot be underestimated. This article will discuss a few of the things that need to be considered when buying a new ice block machine. Be sure to account for your location size requirements, and ice output and storage requirements.

It is a must to have a machine that is very user friendly. A new device or product should not be a confusing and frustrating experience; this is also true in terms of ice machines. Manitowoc ice machines along with Hoshizaki ice machines are user friendly. Nuggets, cubes, and crescents are all choices for cube styles that you can make. These two machines brands also give you easy access to the ice removal.

A very important feature in today's market is an energy efficient machine. It can be wasteful and costly otherwise. Energy star and energy compliant ice makers are now being sold by these companies. When compared to an older ice machine, the new ones are much better when it comes to being energy efficient. When shopping, look for an energy star or saver labeled ice machine; this will lead to electric bill savings and put more money in your bank account. The location and placement of ice machines is also an energy saving trick. Find a spot that is out of the direct sun. Machines outside of hot kitchens or other hot areas also save money.

Antimicrobial filters and plastics are now being used to many ice machines. This is terrific for the customer's health and safety. For optimum safety when using ice machines, it is best to clean them regularly. This practice extends the life of the product by maintaining good working conditions, and also gets rid of any possibly harmful bacteria that may be on the machine. Removing the hard water build up is a very important part of the cleaning. When this is done routinely, it will make for an easier job. Sensors are in the machines that also have to be clean. If you are having difficulty seeing if the machine is clean when it is still wet, it is a good idea to let the ice machine dry to see if there is still white residue left behind. Maintenance costs can be reduced by regular thorough cleaning. When buying Manitowoc ice machines or Hoshizaki ice machines, it is important to remember these considerations.

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