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[Depth] Forecast and analysis of the development status of the ice machine industry in 2020: differentiation is the point of competition in the future


With the rapid development of my country's economy, the living standards of residents continue to improve, and the demand for food continues to grow. The supply of food is no longer restricted to the region. The demand for ice making machines in the field of food preservation and transportation continues to grow. In addition, in the production link of the industrial field, the requirements for energy storage peak shaving and temperature cooling continue to rise, and the demand for cooling ice continues to increase. my country's ice machine industry has ushered in a stage of rapid development.

   cbfi ice machine is mainly divided into two categories: large commercial ice maker and small commercial ice maker. Large ice machines are mainly used in large commercial supermarkets, meat products processing, ice storage air conditioning, concrete cooling, textile chemicals and other fields; small ice machines are mainly used in hotels, restaurants, commercial venues, medical biology and other fields. Among them, food preservation is the largest application market for ice machines.

  According to the '2018-2022 China Ice Machine Industry Brand Market Structure and Competitor Field Investigation Report' released by the Industrial Research Center, in 2012, my country’s ice machine market sold 153,000 units. By 2016, sales had reached 207,000 units. Between 2012 and 2016, the compound annual growth rate of ice machine sales in my country was 7.8%. In the context of the rapid growth of demand in the food preservation market, the ice machine market in my country has maintained stable development.

   At this stage, my country has a total of more than 150 ice machine manufacturers, mainly including three types. First, they have core technology, strong design and research capabilities, and own brands. Companies of this type are relatively strong, but the number is small; the second is to do OEM for other large refrigeration companies, and does not have independent intellectual property rights and brands. There are more such companies, but the scale is small; the third is Outsourcing equipment produced by other manufacturers for simple integration. Such enterprises have low technical level and strong agency and sales capabilities.

   On the whole, the leading enterprises in my country’s ice machine industry are basically in line with the international advanced level in terms of manufacturing accuracy, production technology level, product quality, etc., and have cost-effective advantages to compete in the international market. The capacity is gradually enhanced, and the overall development situation of large enterprises is relatively stable. As the number of small and medium-sized ice machine companies in my country continues to increase, the low-end market is dominated by price war competition, product quality is uneven, after-sales service is not guaranteed, and market development is chaotic.

The downstream application field of    cbfi ice machine is broad, and the needs of different fields are different. With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of the scope of application, various industries have continuously improved the requirements for personalized and differentiated services of ice machines, and the competition in the ice machine industry has intensified. In this context, my country's ice machine industry needs to further improve manufacturing accuracy, production technology level and product safety, and promote the development of the industry in the direction of differentiation and refinement.

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