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Deep processing of food freezing dryer freeze-dried vegetables market prospect

Food freezing dryer, deep processing of freeze-dried vegetables market are promising for freeze-dry technology is a study of fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, pet food, food color, fresh, quality of high and new technology of dehydration. In recent years, freeze-dried food consumption in Europe, America, Japan is increasing rapidly. According to the General Administration of Customs, the state commodity inspection bureau statistics, into the ninety s, the dehydrated vegetables exports increasing at the rate of 30% every year.

our country is agricultural country, is rich in vegetables, meat and aquatic resources, domestic food freezing dryer ( Recommended one) Processing equipment, the price was only about a quarter of imported equipment. Seize the opportunity of west development, the development of lyophilization in foods such as vegetables, freeze-dried beef exports, is a promising, large profits, risk small mouth to earn foreign exchange through the project. Long-term since, our country agriculture and animal husbandry products have been wandering in the export of raw materials and primary processing stage, give a person a kind of overall sense of the technology content is low. By developing a freeze-dried vegetables and meat, etc. , will lift the level of China's food exports, higher added value.

our country should develop the freeze-dried food, the rich agricultural and sideline products deep processing value-added, export and earn foreign exchange. Since 1996, has been in shandong and other places set up six production lines, production running normally. To produce freeze-dried shallot, freeze-dried yam, freeze-dried strawberries, good quality and constantly get foreign orders. The bigger freeze-dried food processing, the lower the production cost, the higher the efficiency. Such as processing, each with 100 days a year garlic slices, carrot, green Onions for 3 products, 60 square meters of annual output value of 5 million yuan: 450 square meters of production lines, annual output value of 35 million yuan, annual interest rate is above 30%. Such as development of freeze-dried area of 1200 square meters production line, machinable ten thousand tons of fresh vegetables can be processed more than 2000 tons of frozen vegetables, annual output can reach 100 million yuan, the company 40 million yuan 50 million yuan.

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