Deal with the countermeasures of development of the lyophilizer

by:CBFI     2020-10-06
With the continuous development of freeze-drying technology, this kind of opportunity and the challenge is a test for the lyophilizer manufacturers, both opportunities and challenges should have our own development countermeasures:

(1) the lyophilizer intelligence development, maintain a high quality to reduce costs; At present domestic freeze-dry machine performance gap with developed countries on international products also gradually narrowed, in quality, appearance, component life and reliability is improved.

2. Continue to declare the lyophilizer patent, heighten the brand.

(2) the freeze-dried products of good quality, variety, price cheap, develop in line with international standards of product quality inspection standard.

3. Lyophilization process need to optimize the freeze-dried process optimization to improve the quality of freeze-dried products, save the freeze-drying time, reduce energy consumption, reduce the cost of freeze-dried products, enhance the competitiveness in the international market.

the lyophilizer:
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