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[Daily Sharing] What are the product advantages and performance characteristics of the Snow Ice Maker?


Advantages of the automatic snowflake cbfi ice machine

  1. With core ice making technology;

  2. The ice shape is small, the ice bath effect is good, and it is specially designed for experiments Room design;

  3. CFC-free compressor, fast ice making speed, energy saving;

  4. Full computer program control, full-process monitoring and protection;

5. Ice full display;

  6. Water shortage display;

  7. Fault display.

The performance characteristics of    automatic snowflake ice maker

   1. The automatic snowflake ice maker adopts stainless steel shell, anti-corrosion and durable, independent integrated structure, compact and concise, saving space.

  2. The heat insulation layer of the box body is made of fluorine-free foam, which has good heat preservation effect. The inner liner is of fluorine-free antibacterial type, energy saving and environmental protection.

  3. Adopting R134a fluorine-free compressor, the parts and components have been tested by SGS company and meet the requirements of EU RoHs environmental protection directive.

   4. All electrical safety components used have 'TUV' or 'VDE' safety certification, certified components, safe and reliable.

  5. The ice making process adopts full computer program control, imported computer chip, reliable control and stable operation.

  6. Haitec two-stage reducer with Italian technology, low noise, stable and reliable operation. The top of the cbfi ice machine is equipped with heat dissipation holes and fans to ensure that the reducer motor can operate reliably under high temperature and harsh conditions.

  7. The row-cavity diaphragm type ice-making evaporator adopts technology, which has high refrigeration efficiency and large ice production.

   8. Spiral hob squeeze ice making type, compact structure, realizing automatic separation of ice and water. The optimized design of the blade edge makes the ice shape small and practical.

  9. The unique water tank floating ball type water inlet system ensures that there is no residual water, no deicing process, no water loss, no residual water, water saving and energy saving.

   10. There are protective shutdown functions such as full ice display, water shortage display, over-cooling protection display, and fault warning display. The ice maker will automatically stop when it is full of ice or lack of water, and it will automatically turn on when there is electricity or water, and it has an automatic memory recovery function.

  11. The shape of the ice made is indefinitely shaped fine granular snowflake crushed ice. The ice shape is small and can penetrate into a narrow gap. The cooling speed is fast and the ice bath effect is good. It is specially designed for laboratories.

  12. The front is equipped with a power switch and a function indicator, thoughtful and detailed operating instructions, intuitive and convenient to use, and all safety indicators have passed the electrical performance test, which is safe and secure.

   13. Long-term ice-making performance testing and debugging before leaving the factory ensure the excellent performance of the product.

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