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Daily maintenance and maintenance of block ice machine ice equipment

Guangzhou Bingquan Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. will share with you the daily maintenance details of block ice machine ice equipment:
1. According to local water quality and pressure, it is recommended to clean the condenser once half a year or once a year.
Cleaning method; add the scale king to the cooling tower, turn on the cooling water pump to circulate separately, and drain the water after cleaning.
2. Maintenance of cooling tower:
①Residuals in the cooling tower should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the water entering the tower does not contain grease and other turbidity, otherwise, water treatment and purification equipment should be used.
②For cooling towers that will not be used for a long time, the power supply should be cut off, the belt should be loosened, the remaining water in the tower should be drained, and an outer cover should be added to prevent the entry of dirt and the sun and rain, which may cause the aging of the tower.
③The cooling efficiency of the cooling tower is affected by the amount of cooling water, the temperature of the inlet water, the local air condition, and the environment. Pay attention to the daily record of the changes in the above parameters.
3. Maintenance of aerial cranes:
In order to ensure the reliability and life of the crane, the electric hoist must be regularly lubricated and maintained, and the stability and reliability of the steel structure platform must be checked. In the daily inspection, all those that do not meet the requirements should be repaired, adjusted or replaced immediately.
4. Check the circuit every six months, focusing on checking the contacts of the AC contactors, thermal relays and the connections of each motor wire for oxidation, poor contact, and lack of phase. Check whether the start/stop switch, emergency stop switch, and travel switch are flexible.
5. The new machine has been used for eighteen months, and professionals should check whether the suction and exhaust pressure is normal, air-cooled (suction pressure: 0.13Mpa-0.2Mpa; exhaust pressure; 1.4Mpa-1.7Mpa) water-cooled ( Suction pressure: 0.13Mpa-0.2Mpa; exhaust pressure 1.2Mpa-1.4Mpa).
6. The machine is out of service for a long time (more than fifteen days). Please carefully check whether the parts, water supply and power supply are normal before starting up. The electric heater needs to be energized 24 hours in advance to freeze the crankcase Oil heating.
7. Compressors with oil sight glass need to frequently observe the oil level and color. The normal oil level is 1/2 of the oil sight glass, and the refrigerating oil is transparent and colorless. Once the oil is found to be turbid, yellow, or black, it needs to be replaced by professionals. Please clean or replace the dryer filter, return air filter and oil pump filter when replacing it.
8. Inspection and adjustment method of salt water in ice making pool:
Determine the concentration of calcium chloride, the Baume degree is 25 degrees to 26 degrees
Brine temperature standard: the brine temperature cannot be lower than -10℃
Shenzhen Bingquan block ice machine after-sales service
1. From the date of purchase, the company's series of ice machines are guaranteed for one year with the purchase invoice and warranty card.
2. The following conditions are not covered by the warranty of the ice machine.
①. The daily cleaning and maintenance of the equipment is not covered by the warranty;
②. Damage caused by improper use or improper storage;
③. Unauthorized modification of the original structure of the cbfi ice machine, and all man-made damage caused by non-professional maintenance personnel of our company;
④. Damage caused by incorrect installation of water supply, power supply and drainage;
⑤. Damage caused by force majeure;
⑥. The cbfi ice machine moves to the installation position.
3. If the ice machine malfunctions, please notify our company or the dealer immediately for maintenance.
4. If the equipment has exceeded the warranty period, materials and maintenance fees shall be charged according to the charging standards stipulated by the company during maintenance.
Guangzhou Bingquan Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of block ice machines in China; our company has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of complete sets of block ice machines. Shenzhen Bingquan technical team specializes in providing you with customized, scientific and profitable ice factory solutions.
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