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Custom type cryogenic refrigerator

The selection of evaporator type and heat transfer area of the two factors. In recent years, the selection for the design of the heat exchanger have a consistent, namely USES the heat transfer temperature difference, when heat transfer must decrease heat transfer temperature difference will have to increase the heat transfer area, travels, directly heated area increases with increasing investment and reduce the contradictions between energy shortage, all countries in the world puts forward higher requirements on energy conservation, and took the corresponding policies and measures, so that appropriate increase in investment, can reduce all the year round operation of energy consumption and achieve the goal of energy saving, and as the rise of the smaller the operation cost, due to increased energy saving and payback period of investment will be gradually shortened, end up with higher economic
evaporator are considered in the selection of the evaporation efficiency. The influence of heat exchanger for operation cost by line costs. As to the value, the plate heat exchanger and other new high efficiency heat exchanger is increasingly being applied.

throttling device meet affect the cooling performance of the industrial chillers, affect the efficiency of the device and the energy consumption level. Thermal expansion valve choosing capacity, evaporating temperature shall be provided according to the manufacturer of the thermal expansion valve performance table to choose, but must pay attention to, also should fully consider the balance of the thermal expansion valve way, cause fatal damage to the valve pressure difference before and after the machine.
select correctly adjust expansion valve is refrigeration choose
the working characteristic of the throttle device device is an important part of energy saving. Thermal expansion valve is according to the working condition of variable capacity, choose and valve inlet fluid temperature on the influence of the expansion valve capacity, so as to ensure thermal expansion valve and refrigerating match very well, and make the optimal operation of the refrigeration unit, achieve the goal of high efficiency and energy saving.
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