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Cryopreservation box maintenance

Cryopreservation box also known as the ultra-low temperature freezer, for its daily maintenance and maintenance, to extend the life and the normal use is particularly important. What if not accurate temperature control often leads to save object is damaged, cause great influence to the experimental results, thus affect the normal work. So we need to do in the process of use of cryogenic refrigerator for regular maintenance and maintenance, cleaning at least once a month, to ensure the purity of the cryogenic refrigerator.

with dry cloth to remove the internal and external and ultra-low temperature freezer accessories on a small amount of dust, if the cryogenic refrigerator too dirty to use neutral detergent, wash thoroughly with clean water after washing. Cryogenic refrigerator compressors and other mechanical parts do not need to use the lubricating oil. Clean the fan at the back of the cryogenic refrigerator compressor please be careful. Clean after the completion of security checks to ensure cryogenic refrigerator power cord plug is good, don't pick up, make sure that the plug without abnormal heat distribution of power cables and wires, ultra-low temperature freezer back no cracks and nicks. When alarm start alarm, the first to check the power supply of the ultra-low temperature freezer for questions or whether the plug is pulled out of the socket,

the second check internal thermometer is beyond the scope of the right, in such a case, items will make into cryogenic refrigerator to heat up, triggering alarms, finally check whether one-time placement too many items. Cryogenic refrigerator cooling is not fully check the evaporator surface: the first shearing section. at cryogenic refrigerator have frost; Whether the cryogenic refrigerator door switch too often; Whether the ultra-low temperature freezer back contact metope, ultra-low temperature freezer whether internal put too many items.

cryogenic refrigerator noise is too big, check whether the floor is solid, ultra-low temperature freezer is stable. Activities such as instability, set screws in order to make the four firmly supported on the floor; If there were any objects come into contact with the back of the refrigerator. As long as do the daily maintenance of cryogenic refrigerator and maintenance, will make the ultra-low temperature freezer to achieve the best working condition.
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