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Cryogenic refrigerator: ZhiLengShi compared with air-cooled advantages and disadvantages

Ultra-low temperature freezer is divided into vertical and air-cooled type two kinds, is a professional of cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers, the main cryogenic refrigerator temperature section a - , - 40 degrees , - 60 degrees , - 86 degrees Do 150 degrees, etc. , to provide the calibration, ultra-low temperature solution.

ZhiLengShi advantages of ultra-low temperature freezer: 1, the freezer of simple structure, no fan, fault point less, relatively low energy consumption; 2, confined Spaces, natural convection, moisture not easily loss.

ZhiLengShi ultra-low temperature freezer shortcomings: 1, the frosting problem lead to the user needs to manual defrost. 2, frosting problem will severely affect the heat absorption refrigeration evaporator, refrigeration efficiency will decline. 3, the natural convection, the internal temperature distribution is not uniform.

air-cooled ultra-low temperature freezer advantages: 1, air-cooled refrigerator basic without user manual defrost. 2, by the fan forced air circulation flow, the refrigerator refrigeration speed is faster, cold air distribution more uniform. 3, air cooled refrigerator temperature uniformity, the temperature of the thermostat is almost the same with the rest of the refrigerator temperature, so the temperature control more accurate.

air-cooled ultra-low temperature freezer shortcomings: 1, air-cooled refrigerator structure is complex, higher costs. 2, circulating fan work and automatic defrost will increase energy consumption. 4, cold air flow caused by moisture evaporates faster.

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