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Cryogenic refrigerator storage

Cryogenic refrigerator storage essentials and maintenance skills

l empty containers stored items before operation, enter the stable operation condition ( About 12 hours) Again, after being cooled sufficiently in the, in the refrigerated items.

l disposable add items or other products in the not too much too crowded, should ensure that there is proper clearance, to facilitate the circulation of the air conditioning in the cabinet.

l cryogenic freezing refrigeration system is used to maintain a cryogenic storage tank, rather than a quick freezing device, such as to store large capacity ( High water-content material) Should be in other quick-frozen after precooling device in the system, so as not to cause cooling system for a long time does not stop.

l when initial storage capacity is larger, should be taken to gradually reduce the temperature setting, each step temperature 10 ℃, insulation - 7 10 hours, until the temperature.

l cryogenic freezing storage tank is used to save the general biological products, ultra-low temperature freezer storage tank is not a rapid cooling device, high water content in advance best refrigerated after cooling.

l don't close to the metal edge blade when in storage plastic products, plastic bags to avoid scratches.

l body cleaning: cleaning cryogenic refrigeration storage tank inside and outside surface application non-corrosive neutral cleaning agent, after cleaning, wipe with dry cloth.

note: it is strictly prohibited to water down their internal and external surfaces of the box, lest affect electrical insulation performance. It is forbidden to use boiled water, household cleanser, acid, alkali, gasoline, alcohol, benzene, corrosive cleaner, hard brush to clean.

l with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner often clear the dust on the condenser, in order to keep good condensation effect.

l often wipe a little talcum powder on sealer can prolong the service life of the sealing strip.

l cryogenic freezing storage tank long runs, and the side wall in the cabinet door, cabinet mouth easy to frost deposit, the frost layer thickness will affect the sealing performance and cooling performance, please use the match regular defrosting defrosting a shovel, and cadres to wipe clean.

l cryogenic freezing storage tank should be by the specialist is responsible for, check the operation condition of storage tank and record every day, in case the temperature in the cabinet is high or low phenomenon, the goods shall be transferred to other storage compartments, and troubleshooting to reset the storage items.

l cleaning air-conditioner application non-corrosive neutral cleaning agent, internal and external surface after cleaning, wipe with dry cloth.

l with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner often clear the dust on the condenser, in order to keep good condensation effect.

l downtime: storage tank were deactivated, should unplug the power plug, clean, according to the above method after natural drying cover good bags, placed in ventilated, clean place.
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