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Cryogenic refrigerator defrost operation

Ultra-low temperature freezer cryopreservation box, ultra-low temperature freezer, also known as the defrosting operation steps are as follows:

1, when keep the bravery of frost layer in the oven for about 10 mm, application of plastic to remove cream.

2, remove the frozen items in the cabinet before defrosting, in another preserved in the frozen storage. Defrost, will hold the door open in the cabinet, in the environment of the ventilation.

3, the frost layer 'melts, with a soft cloth or sponge to suck out water, reoccupy does cloth to dry preservation box, and then, turning on the power supply to reach the set temperature in the items.

4, to accelerate the defrosting process, can be equipped with flat container less than 50 ℃ hot water into the box. 5. 2. 5 can't use electric heaters to defrost, using metal tools, no sharp edge tool of defrosting. 5. 3 outage, cleaning and matters needing attention

5, save for a long time to stop using, should cut off power supply, according to the following methods for cleaning, and open after air seal.

6, pull out the power plug before cleaning, dip in with soft cloth or sponge (water or soap Non-corrosive neutral detergent can) 。 Wipe with dry cloth after cleaning to prevent rust.

7, do not use substances such as organic solvents, boiling water, detergent or acid cleaning preservation box; When cleaning can't flush save a case, do not use hard brush, steel wire brush to clean preservation box.

8, preservation box placed should be smooth, is not subject to direct sunlight and away from heat source, don't be too cold to freeze placed in the environment, do not put in wet gas heavy or easily splash water, carrying mobile when its tilt Angle is not more than 45 & deg; , should stay around a certain space, convenient for ventilation and heat dissipation.

9, preservation box after move, will only be connected to the power supply still more than 10 minutes. Once cut off power supply, again through offering is subject to more than five minutes, so as to avoid compressor damaged or system.

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