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Cryogenic refrigerator common failures and troubleshooting methods

Ultra-low temperature freezer refrigeration system and control circuits are complex, but the common failures in the circulatory system and main circuit fault, the following a brief introduction to several common ultra-low temperature freezer failure and its elimination method.

1, ultra-low temperature freezer insufficient cooling.

check for frost evaporator surface; Whether the door switch frequency; Whether the ultra-low temperature freezer back contact walls; Whether in too many items.

2, after turning on the power supply, the power of air switch automatically disconnect

check 1 compressor refrigeration system is damaged, if the damage can cause a short circuit, power protection. Can be replaced parts, if no original accessories, by measuring the change quite a power of cryogenic refrigerator compressor, the pipeline welding, after pressure after checking the pipe air tightness and vacuum join refrigerants, corresponding to boot detection is normal.

3, ultra-low temperature freezer loud noises

check whether the floor is strong; Low temperature refrigerator is stable; Activities such as instability, set screws in order to make the four firmly supported on the floor; If there were any objects come into contact with the back of the ultra-low temperature freezer.

4, ultra-low temperature freezer refrigeration effect is poor, refrigerator non-stop, radiator pipe is not hot, the evaporator has very stingy LiuSheng

it is because the slow leakage cause industrial ice machine serious defect.

in the actual use process, will also have many other problems, this kind of problem solution needs to constantly accumulate experience can overcome obstacles, make the ultra-low temperature freezer to achieve the best working condition.

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