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Cryogenic refrigerator common failures and troubleshooting methods

Ultra-low temperature freezer as low temperature refrigeration equipment, control circuit and refrigeration system are complex, prone to failure also mainly in the circuit and the refrigeration cycle system. The several common failure and its elimination method summarized below, hope to you a little help.
1. Cryogenic refrigerator after power on, the total power of air switch automatically disconnect
elimination method: check whether the first compressor refrigeration system is damaged, if the damage can cause a short circuit, power protection. Can be replaced parts, will be good pipe welding, after pressure after checking the pipe air tightness and vacuum add industrial ice machine, it is testing whether normal. This failure often results from power supply is not stable. Because the first level first launched, so the damage is usually in the first level, in this case, the general as long as add delay regulated power supply, the problem can be eliminated.
2. Ultra-low temperature freezer the temperature did not reach the set temperature in the cabinet has stopped work
elimination method: did not reach the set temperature in the oven, but the panel shows the temperature has reached the set temperature. This is because the testing temperature thermistor is damaged, need to replace parts. Temperature control system reinstall, failure can be removed.
3. Cryogenic refrigeration effect is reduced, people feel body metal part feel shock
elimination method: refrigerator leakage is measured with a multimeter, segmentation method is used to check. In high temperature stage compressor separate electricity is running, check whether the leakage cause whole body charged due to the compressor. Static testing compressor terminal, observed in motor winding wire plug part, if the trace assemblage with the chassis, leakage showed here. Using the terminal part together with the part of shell around the replacement method, the electricity with the body to make it work, check whether the leakage phenomenon, such as compressor after each index is normal, back to the low temperature refrigerator base, connection pipes, leak detection, time, filling a moderate amount of industrial ice machine refrigerator returned to normal operation.
4. Ultra-low temperature freezer alarm start alarm
elimination method:

1) Check whether the power supply has a problem or not plugged in;
2) Check whether one-time into too many items;
5. Ultra-low temperature freezer loud noises
elimination method:
1) Check whether the floor is strong; Refrigerator is stable; Activities such as instability, set screws in order to make the four firmly supported on the floor;
2) If there were any objects come into contact with the back of the refrigerator. If the refrigeration effect is poor, refrigerator non-stop, radiator pipe is not hot, the evaporator has very stingy LiuSheng, these because of slow leakage cause industrial ice machine serious defect. In the process of actual use, will also have many other problems, this kind of problem solution needs to constantly accumulate experience can overcome obstacles, make the ultra-low temperature freezer to achieve the best working condition.
6. Ultra-low temperature freezer insufficient cooling

elimination method: check whether there is the evaporator surface frost; Whether the door switch frequency; If the back of the refrigerator contact walls; Whether to put too many items.

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