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Cryogenic liquid

Cryogenic liquid direct emissions under water, because of the cryogenic liquid and water temperature difference is huge, big fluctuation of intensity of turbulence are mixed to make heat transfer is very large, shortcut drains the water temperature will reduce rapidly, the temperature of the water down to the phase change temperature after release of latent heat to freeze. Drains waters off the freezing is analyzed, the key to solve the cryogenic liquid underwater smooth discharge. Research in an emergency situation, how the cryogenic liquid rapidly and smoothly into the problems in the water, from the ice interface growth model to the analysis of the frozen situation of waters near outfalls.

the liquid - Heat transfer occurs in the process of low temperature solid liquid - liquid Gas liquid - phase change and water Solid phase transformation, because of the complexity and the uncertainty of the phase interface based on the existing heat transfer, theoretically more complete description of the process is quite difficult, but we can according to the actual situation, from the perspective of can meet the engineering application, the analysis of heat transfer process in a reasonable manner and to simplify, resume nearly discharge outlet water temperature field model, description and simulation of the pipe mouth waters off ice growth is feasible.
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